Handmade Polarized Wood Grain Sunglasses Angle's Wing
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Handmade Polarized Wood Grain Sunglasses Angle's Wing

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Package Size:

147 x 50 x 10 mm


Sunglasses labeled UV 400 provide nearly 100% protection from harmful ultraviolet light rays, blocking wavelengths up to 400 nanometers, including UVA and UVB rays.
Ultraviolet or UV rays are electromagnetic radiation from the sun. While you can't see it, UV light penetrates Earth's atmosphere and reaches your skin and eyes in the form of UVA and UVB waves.
Protection from UV light is important because without it you're at risk of developing cataracts, macular degeneration, photokeratitis (also known as snow blindness) or even eye cancers that can lead to permanent blindness.

style: angel's wing
function: anti-ultraviolet light rays
lenses material: TAC
Type: polarized
sunglasses lenses frame and legs: zebrawood 

Package Content:
1 x Sunglasses


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