Terms and conditions of use

Ecommercevibes lays here its terms and conditions for all those who are willing to access its website or shop from it. All such conditions should be read, understood and accepted. Please go through the following points for consideration:


Time Limit for Cancelling an Order

In case one receives a wrong product from our end and want to cancel the order, we should be informed within 2 working days. This is the maximum time period within which one needs to contact us for order cancellation. However, if one fails to inform us within this time period, no request for order cancellation would be taken.


Replacing and Refunding a Product

In case any product from our end is delivered in damaged condition, we would replace the product. If the damage caused to the product is for us, we would take responsibility to replace it. However, no request for a money refund will be accepted.


Returning a Used Product

Ecommercevibes keeps all fresh products in its stock. So, there is no question of delivering used items from our end. Hence, we would not accept any return request for a used product from the customer.


Returning a Damaged Product

In case we find that a product that had been shipped safely from our end is damaged later by the customer after receiving it, we would not be responsible for accepting any return request. Since we are not accountable for the damage caused to the product, we would not entertain any return request from the customer.